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Our Network

We have a network of practitioners including chiropractors, pain specialists, acupuncturists, certified nutritional clinicians and medical doctors who can collaborate in your program. Your practitioners work as a team and care is coordinated.


Functional medicine is a scientifically based field of medicine that:


  • Focuses on biochemical individuality based on genetic and environmental uniqueness.
  • Is patient centered versus disease centered.
  • Assesses the dynamic balance of internal and external factors to restore balance rather than suppress symptoms.
  • Promotes health as a positive vitality not simply the absence of disease.
  • Explores the web -like interconnections of physiologic functions to define underlying conditions that lead to illness.
  • Improves health span potential and enhances quality of life.


Our Health Improvement services cover the following areas all designed to improve health and vitality!


  • Alternative and Integrative Medicine.
  • Nutritional Medicine for improved hormone function.
  • Weight Loss Programs.
  • Energy/Fatigue Improvement.
  • Blood Sugar Improvement (for both Low and High Blood Sugar).
  • Natural Health Care for Children.


These approaches lead to improved health of the whole person but particularly the musculoskeletal system and subluxation complex.

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